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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sometimes things don't work out, but it's still OK...

Sometimes things don't work out, but it's still OK...

Well another month has rolled by so very quickly, and I had planned to have another two projects finished ready to show off. But this time, time has beaten me.

For those of you that don't know this blog is my new years resolution for the 2011-2012 season. The reason for this is simple really, I'm great at starting off a crafty project, but not so great at keeping the momentum going until I finish it. To the point where I have a spare/study room which is useless as both and/or either of these purposes. To the point where the room is almost full to bursting with my not finished projects, patterns, utensils and 'things needed for something'...sound familiar...anyone?
So my New Years Resolution to myself was to actually finish off these projects so that when guests come to stay they can feel that they are welcome instead of feeling like they are invading my 'unfinished project room'.
Hence the blog...

 Although I do intend to continue on with the blog as long as I can.
I made a few 'rules' for myself before I started, and they were...
That the item had to be finished to become a feature or blog post
I had to have made it
I wasn't to start any new projects before I'd finished one that I'd previously started
I aimed to post at least one blog post a month for a year and beyond

Well so far, so good, well is only the end of November and to be honest, my spare room is STILL a mess; so looks like this blog will be continuing on in the next year, and the one after that and the one after that...
Also although I've been fairly good at not starting any new projects just yet, (a few have managed to slip past) or I've gathered 'inspiration' (patterns, materials and such for them).

Either way my creative side is well and truly still ticking over more madly than before. So instead of calming my creative storm, I fear that I'm now just encouraging it. I've even started to justify it to myself by saying "Ohhh...that would be a great blog post.."

Well either way I'm enjoying writing this blog which is a surprise to me, since I set it for myself as extra homework.

This is about one of the things that didn't make it as a 'made' item or a blog post. The thing that didn't work out, but it's still OK. That's the way that it goes sometimes. If you don't try, then you will never know.

I'm still disappointed that the scarecrow for our veggie patch didn't work out. But I've come to terms with it and thought that I'd write about it since a great deal of effort went into it, but mostly to let all of you out there know that sometimes things don't work out, but it's still OK.

For the scare crow I got a bale of straw from the produce store at $12. I already had a pair of pants and a long sleeved flannel shirt that were worn and faded, and about to be thrown out, same with the gardening gloves which I used.I stuffed the pants and shirt with straw till they were fill till bursting point, same with the gloves, then hand sewed them all together with some needle and thread.

I also had a face drawn on linen which was sewn into shape and a hat picked out, but it just never got that far. Like most things in the garden, I ran out of sunlight, and then the dog attacked the headless scarecrow and just wasn't worth going on with the project after that. But handy to know that my dog will attack a headless creature in my garden since I live in the zombie capital of the southern hemisphere...(Brisbane has the record for the most zombies at our annual zombie walk which raises money for charity).

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