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Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby Owl Quilt

Baby Owl Quilt

Here’s another baby quilt that I’ve made for a friend of mine who has had a bub, and there will be plenty more baby quilts to come…as more and more family and friends are having babies! I only hope that I can keep up! As I’m studying full time, have my own very hyper little guy to chase around and am looking for part time or casual work that suits my already hectic life.  As much as I’d love to sit and quilt all day, every day… I don’t have that opportunity. Maybe if I could get some more followers for this blog, or started making some money from this blog I could justify it?

The feature squares came all cut up and ready to go in the form of a Charm Pack called Ten Little Things by Moda.  I purchased these at the Craft and Stiches Expo I attended in March 2013. I used most of the squares in the charm pack.

I’m not a fan of the rickrack edges to the pre-cut squares. So other than the other pre-cut quilt that I’ve already purchased (and will hopefully feature soon as its own blog post) I won’t be purchasing anymore. It just becomes a little trickier to make sure that the seam allowance is even, and can throw out the look of the quilt.

This quilt measures 37in x 43.5in or 95cms x 111cms. I’ve used cotton wadding which was purchased pre-cut and bagged at Spotlight. Love that stuff!!

For the boarders on the quilt top I’ve used a dark navy blue homespun, which I wasn’t too sure of when I first laid out the squares. I actually thought that it might be too dark. But it seems to make the squares ‘pop’. So I didn’t end up changing it.


For the backing fabric I’ve used an aqua blue/green homespun fabric. Which now I wish I’d gotten more of, as it really is a lovely shade and my pictures just don’t do it justice!! For the edging or the binding I’ve used a dark navy and white polka dot print, which I had just enough left over from when I made my brother a Man sized French Braid quilt. The navy and polka dot print was the backing fabric on his quilt.  

 The threads that I used for this were the same variegated threads that I used for my own Hectic Eclectic Quilt. For the top of the quilt it was the various blues variegated thread and for the backing it was the blue, green and yellow variegated thread. I’m lucky that I had enough left over to quilt this quilt too! Quilting is all about recycling they say…so I’m glad that I can actually find the odd project here and there where I can reuse the same threads and fabrics. Also it saves me from having to run out and try to find something that will go with the quilt that I’m trying to make. Especially when I’ve already taken longer than I would like to make the quilt!

I’ve machine quilted this in the stripling style, and even though I’m pretty new to machine quilting I think that it turned out pretty good.  

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