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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Single Hectic Electic Quilt up for sale

Single Hectic Eclectic

Unfortunately the blog post on this little quilt is long overdue. Mainly due to the wonders of technology and having to reprioritise everything else as a result.  My five (or six year old?) laptop decided it was cactus a few months back, right when I was about to write up  a 2500 word essay for uni. Good times. A week away from a deadline and I was greeted with the 'blue screen of death' from my laptop. I chewed through the internet usage on my Smartphone searching for a new laptop within my budget.  Two days of laptop shopping saw me being messed around by macho sales staff trying to sell me expensive junk that was more outdated than my deceased laptop which left me   running on my last wit due to the stress of the situation. It's all sorted now  and my photos were actually able to be saved by my tech savvy boyfriend, however I still have no idea how to access them. But they're safe....somewhere. So please excuse me not having my usual awesome photos for every stage.

This quilt was intended to be another double bed sized quilt made in the same style as the first quilt that I ever attempted. Cut up pieces of fabric have sat lonely in a shoe box for years while I moved house and misplaced the shoe box.

When I finally found the shoe box, I decided to make two single bed sized quilts instead of the double bed. It was my hope that they would be easier to finish and machine quilt on my sewing machine. As I really struggled with machine quilting the double bed quilt. My collarbones ached, my back hurt and I could only do an hour or two quilting before I had to make myself stop and go do something else.

This poor little quilt top has been quilted and has sat draped over the back of a chair in the lounge room for months. Waiting for me to slip stitch the binding while I sip a glass of wine and watch late night TV when I get the chance.  Unfortunately this quilt had to be set aside a few times while I madly tried to finish off the binding of a few baby quilts that I wanted to give as  gifts for  new arrivals.

I love the fabrics in this quilt. Some of these I bought specially for this quilt or for my quilting stash (back when I was new to quilting  reading in quilt magazines that having a fabric stash was the thing to do.)

This quilt is laid out in the 7 block by 7 block style.  The sister quilt to this one is currently just the top (who knows when I will actually get around to quilting that one!) The sister quilt is slightly smaller, so I've added a boarder on that one to make it up to a single bed size.

The backing for this quilt is a purple homespun and the binding is premade binding purchased from Spotlight (seriously I'm  loving the premade binding!!).

This item is listed for sale and can be found at


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