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Monday, February 9, 2015

Crochet Beach Bag

Crochet Beach Bag

For Christmas I never know what I want, so I usually ask for Spotlight or Lindcraft vouchers. I definitely use them and appreciate them so much! This is how I used some of vouchers from Christmas 2014. I made myself a crochet beach bag. Which I am now using as my everyday handbag.
I have been itching to make something out of tarn (t-shirt yarn) since I stumbled across it on YouTube while researching another project.

I searched the web and found some great free instructions on this blog... by Bea from 2009. I actually found the look of the bag that I wanted to create with Pinterest and then looked for links to instructions until I found this blog. The instructions were easy to follow and I slightly modified them when making the base so give it more of an oval shape. Although I can't really explain how I managed to do it. I just added stitches until it had the look that I was after.

All up the crocheting of the bag base took roughly a week while binge watching TV series on DVD with my other half while we relaxed in the evenings.  However... to be fair, this was during holidays. So usually it may take me a fortnight or even longer to crochet the same size piece in the evenings. I used a N/15-10mm hook for the tarn in this project.

Each colour is a different ball of tarn. The red isn't a whole ball, as I used some to make a very basic macrame holder for one of my plants that was taking up valuable real estate space on the window sill. So I decided to make a macrame holder and hang it next to the window. I plan on making a more complicated macrame holder for my other plant to hang it over our bath. many plans so little time!

The handles were $9.99 from Lindcraft (they are also available at Spotlight) and I stitched them on with some black tarn before I added the calico lining.

The lining I double stitched by machine at the bottom so hopefully it will remain hole free for some time! Last minute I added a side pocket, so I can find my keys and such when I'm in a hurry. I made this lining bigger than my bag actually needs, to account for stretch with use.
I hand stitched the lining into the bag. My hand stitching isn't the neatest as I like to whip up everything on the machine. But it's good enough to keep the lining in my bag, so I'm happy with that. If this was a gift I would be fussier about my hand stitching.

I did forget to add a clasp for inside of the lining, so I may even hand stitch one in. Although I don't really need it and I have so many other projects to get stuck into I doubt that I will forget my little clasp. I have more tarn that I purchased with my vouchers and I already have plans to make myself another bag with the round base.  I think with the next bag I'll crochet the handles, as per the instructions I found.

Anyone reading my blog and would like me to follow theirs please comment below...I'd love to 'meet' more bloggers and creative people!

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