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Friday, March 6, 2015

Star Wars Cushions

Star Wars Cushions 

I  made these well over a month ago, and have been meaning to write a blog post about them ever since! I made these for my brother's birthday. Last time I went to visit his apartment I noticed that there were no cushions. In fact everyone noticed and commented on it.  When I asked him if he had done this for a reason, or he just hadn't gotten around to it. He responded that he just hadn't gotten around to it. So I told him as part of his birthday present I would make him a few throw cushions. 

I actually had the inserts for the cushions already, as I have been meaning to make a variety of cushions to sell in my store. However... last year was crazy busy with university commitments and a whole range of other things that seemed to happen one after another so I struggled to get anything creative done at all. Alas, my store only has two listings in it for the moment. 

I love making cushions. I would make cushions all day every day if I could. The problem is where to put them all once they are made. This is why I was excited to make my brother some cushions as part of his birthday present. Cushions are a great gift. Cushions for someone who is cushions-less is even better! Also what a great excuse for me to continue buying Star Wars fabric when I see it! 

The black and yellow Star wars print I ordered online from Oz Material Girls. While the red Star Wars print I found at the Quilters Store at Salisbury. The calico I would have purchased from Spotlight. I love to have calico at home at the ready for a range of projects and repairs, so I usually have excessive amounts floating about the house in my various fabric hidey holes.

Once I had made the cushion cases up they measured 16 inches ( approx 41cms) and 13.5inches (approx 35cms). The red Star Wars fabric is one fat quarter worth, which I used almost all of. The black and yellow Star Wars fabric was two fat quarters worth, so I still have some remaining. 

The cushion with the black and yellow Star Wars fabric in the centre measures 11.5 inches (approx 29.5cms) with the red boarders measuring 1.5 inches (approx 4cms). The calico was used at the back for the 'envelope' of the cover. I like to fold over the edges a few times and then iron the calico. This way I can just sew one seam to secure them and stop the inside flap of the cushion cover from fraying when it comes time to wash it.

My son had a serious case of cushion envy when he saw his uncles gift! So maybe sometime in the future I may make some Star wars pillow cases for him. As he already has too many cushions. He used to steal all the cushions that I made for the lounge, and hide them in his room until I conceded and let him keep them. If I let him, the cheeky Muppet would have his entire bed covered in cushions!

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