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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Batik zigzag baby girl quilt

Batik zigzag baby girl quilt

This bright little quilt measures 103cm x 138cms. That's roughly 41 x 54.5 inches.

The mummy of the baby that this quilt now belongs to told me that she lurves batiks... really, really loves them. So  I decided to make her a baby quilt with as many batiks as I could. I really like the way that this quilt has become a bright rainbow quilt.

This quilt features a total of 12 batik fabrics, including the binding. The beautiful purple batik fabric was a gift for my birthday (from the same mummy that I made this quilt for).
The white fabric is homespun and the backing fabric is a light green homespun fabric. The wadding in this quilt is pre bagged cot sized Bamboo Batting which I purchased from my local Spotlight store.

Before spraying down the quilt to baste it with 505 spray, I trimmed the batting to reduce wastage. One day I'm going to make a lot of fabulous things out of the scraps of batting I have strewn all over the place.

I had originally intended to make this a Chevron quilt, as I've never made one and they are very popular lately. So I started "googling" on my smart phone (probably while I was pushing a shopping trolley around the supermarket)  for easy Chevron quilt patterns and came across a great no triangles online tutorial at
This is a fantastic tutorial, and I can't wait to make a Chevron quilt, when I read the instructions properly!

 I started out well cutting my fabric into 2.5 inch strips and sewing them together. I then cut them into 4.5 inch blocks while I watched a DVD and stayed up way past my bed time. (Sadly the reality of it is this seems to be the only time that I had use of the kitchen table, while it was cleared and clean.)

It was between Steps 5 and 6 that on the Dream Patch tutorial that I ran into trouble. I sewed the blocks together vertically. So all my rows formed large "L"s. Not strips of diagonal "L"s!! It wasn't until I had sewed almost the entire quilt top that I realised. So my first Chevron quilt has become a off centre zigzag quilt instead.
I've been assured that it still looks great, but I am still slightly annoyed at myself.
Oh well, I guess that next time I set out to make the Chevron quilt I'll pay more attention to what I'm doing and double check that I'm on the right path.

It turns out I'm going to make the exact same zigzag quilt for a baby boy (hopefully in time for next month's blog). The two babies who these zigzag quilts will belong to will be second cousins, so I plan to re use some  of the same fabrics while still making it a quilt suitable for a baby boy.

As always there's always so much to do and get done and not enough time to sew!
I still have quilts for sale at my store "Netto" if you are after a quilt. I am hoping to add to my store again soon.

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