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Friday, July 31, 2015

Baby Chevron Quilt

Baby Chevron Quilt

Here's a lovely little quilt that I finished this time last month and have been itching to blog about ever since. Unfortunately I have to prioritize sometimes and complete uni assignments, before I can commit any time to leisurely activities such as blogging.

This lovely quilt was purchased as a kit when I spied that it was reduced down to $20.00 at Spotlight around Christmas/New Years. I couldn't go past such a bargain! (I wouldn't even be able to buy the fabric for that).

The quilt kit is called Quiltologie. I was very impressed with the quality of the fabric and instructions and will keep an eye out for more kits from this brand. The binding was included in the kit and the fabric sizes are very generous, so there is plenty of room for error. I would recommend this kit brand to beginners, as it contains everything that they will need other than the wading and backing fabric.

The backing fabric is one that I have used before, as the boarders on the Baby Girl Quilt... Cat in the Hat (Posted September 30, 2014). I had just enough of it left over to back this quilt with. 

To quilt I have used white polyester Rasant 120 thread colour 0010, then to attach the binding or edging of the quilt I have used Gutermann polyester thread colour 763 as it is the one that I found best matched the binding fabric.

The batting I used for this project was the Sew Easy Cosy Natural 100% cotton pre-cut and bagged cot size from Spotlight. The size was originally 127 cm x 152 cm, however I trimmed what I would need (allowing for a few inches or around 10 cm extra on each side while quilting) just before I sprayed the quilt ready for quilting. 

This quilt was fun and very easy to quilt. I did start off quilting it more densely at one end, but decided that it looked and had a nicer feel to it with more spaced  out quilting. While quilting the zig and zag I left the needle in the fabric while I turned the bulk of the quilt,  so as to make sure that the stitches all lined up and I didn't lose my place. I enjoyed quilting this quilt, the zig zags were very easy to do and I will be quilting some more like this again in the future.

This quilt measures in at 130 cm x 107 cm,  or 51 inches x 42 inches which is a good sized cot quilt.  
This was a overdue gift for a beautiful baby girl, so I've wrapped it up in some ribbon all ready for Bub's mum to unwrap. 

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