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Monday, June 6, 2016

Christening Present Simple Patch Baby Quilt

The measurements of this quilt are 39 inches by 50.5 inches or 99cms by 128cms.
This quilt is constructed of four packs of pre-cut squares which I purchased at Spotlight. I started off with two packs and then decided that I needed more, next thing I knew I was making yet another quilt. 

The fabrics includes stripes and florals, in green, dull yellow, orange and blues. Before sewing I arranged patches on the floor and compared squares (four patches together to form a square), then I compared the squares next to each other until I had a layout that I liked the look of. 

The boarder is a white printed fabric that I had purchased prior to starting this quilt, but when I laid out the other fabric that I had purchased this one just looked better. I like to lay all my boarder fabric next to the rest of the quilt top and look at it while squinting, or take a few photos on my phone and compare fabrics.
The backing is a striking purple floral violet fabric which I hopefully have enough left over to be able to use again on another project. 

The quilting thread I’ve used for this project is Gutermann cotton which I’ve purchased in 800m so I can use it for a few items. To blend with the green fabric squares on top I’ve used variegated green thread (Colour 9989) on the quilt top and variegated blue thread (Colour 9986) on the back. So that means that I had to load up my bobbins with the blue variegated thread.  I quilted this quilt by following the seams of the centre squares with the quilting foot, so there is no quilting in the ditch, but on both sides of the squares. I used a ruler and some tailor’s chalk to line up the boarder ends with the seams I wished to sew in order to ensure consistency. 

The wadding is pre-cut, pre-bagged cotton wadding that is my favoured wadding to use.  I cut as close to the needed length as possible, so that I should have enough left over for the next single bed or baby quilt project I wish to sew. 

 The binding is Ready to Sew quilt binding available at Spotlight stores for $19.99. I have used this same binding before and I was lucky that I had just enough left for this quilt. Although before I decided upon this binding I did pin it all around the quilt edge to ensure that there would be enough.   I used an aqua Gutermann polyester thread (Colour 763), as I think that it’s the best thread that matches this pre-made binding colour wise. 

 As I was finishing off hand sewing the binding my finance informed me that one of his friends had a baby christening that we were invited to. So it was lovely to know that I had a quilt ready in advance (instead of last minute stressed out sewing) as a gift for this occasion.

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